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“The Most Epic Battle” for TOTAL EXCELLIUM Fuels


Total is launching a new international campaign for its TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuels. 

Developed with Paris-based advertising agency BETC, the new campaign sees TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel embodied by an army of superheros from different universes, eras and ethnic backgrounds. Their mission is to eliminate engine dirt, which is represented by a horde of dirty, hideous monsters.

The campaign adopts a resolutely modern and spectacular tone to highlight the cleansing power of TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel as well as its benefits for consumers. A clean engine is an engine that lasts longer, consumes less, maintains its initial performance and emits less CO2.

The tagline, “The fuel that cleans your engine km after km”, sends a clear message about the benefit of using TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel while echoing the Group’s signature, “Committed to Better Energy”.

Directed by Simon McQuoid, the campaign borrows from the popular codes of blockbuster films in what has become a tradition for Total, which in recent years has regularly played on the genre in its international product advertising. The Australian director has brought all of his talent and offbeat tone to deliver an innovative, high-impact campaign that makes an original contribution to the world of fuel advertising.

The campaign will run in more than 40 European, African, Central American and Asian countries that market the Group’s premium TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel.