A set of tailor-made services for your business

Total South Africa is committed to the provision of a variety of services for the benefit of our customers. The company services include the provision of:

Liquid Fuel Solutions

Total South Africa offers liquid fuel solutions to the mining and manufacturing customers whereby Total manages the fuel and lubricants requirements on behalf of the customers on a pay-as-you-consume basis. Successful implementation of this solution requires long-term partnership with the customer where cost savings objectives are set, risks evaluated and continuous improvement projects are identified and jointly implemented. The benefits to the customer include improved equipment availability leading to improved production, reduced stock losses, reduced HSEQ risks and overall reduction in the total cost of ownership. 

Total Card

Total Card, Total South Africa's in-house card facility aimed at commercial users, such as truckers, bus companies, long distance carriers and manufacturers, facilitating the procurement of fuel and top-up oils at select Total service stations within the company's South African, Namibian, Botswana and Swaziland network. In addition to being enabled for tollgate payments, it also provides a comprehensive web enabled fleet management information system.


Given that lubrication is a vital component in the design process of machinery, Total South Africa regards tribology as a critical service. Tribology deals with the effective lubrication of machine components and plant parts so as to ensure minimum friction in the moving parts and the assurance of reliable functioning. 

Lubricant Technical Assistance

Total South Africa’s Technical Division is on hand to assist customers in the selection of the best lubricant products to ensure optimum efficiency. Selecting the most appropriate fuels and lubricants ultimately saves time and money. The company’s technical team, which keeps abreast of the latest developments in lubricant technology and application, is available to assist customers make decisions to prevent the occurrence of problems and ensure a maximum equipment lifespan.