Siyakhula by Total

Siyakhula launch

From left to right: Eric Mgqibelo; CEO Anax Logistics,  Bheki Ngwane; CEO Mabhekane Trading,  Christian des Closières; CEO Total South Africa, Nona Chilli; CEO Makwande Supply & Distribution and Selby Mokoana; Managing Director of Basuz Trading


This year marks our 60th anniversary in South Africa and we grow yearly more committed to our operations here and in the broader region.

Our aim through our enterprise development initiatives is to dismantle the legacy of past inequalities to the extent that economic success is shared by all South African citizens. For Total South Africa, black economic empowerment is not merely a compliance issue - it is about developing the economy of our country, committing to sustainable transformation and thereby being a good corporate citizen.

Siyakhula by Total shows our commitment to transformation through the development of black entrepreneurs and enterprises. Developing small entrepreneurs to grow into medium sized business is one of Total’s enterprise development initiatives.

Although enterprise development has been a component of TOTAL South Africa’s transformation strategy for some 60 years, it is time for the company to put more effort and resources into our enterprise development projects, start consolidating on the remarkable gains already made, and expand our enterprise development footprint into one consolidated programme - Siyakhula.

Corporations can and should play a vital role in helping small and medium businesses remain healthy and become valuable growth engines in the economy.

The establishment of the Siyakhula Programme is a natural progression to consolidate TOTAL South Africa’s transformation initiatives.


We know how successful our transformation programmes can be, we have demonstrated this in the past. Total South Africa is proud to say that we were one of the first oil companies to make service stations available in previously disadvantaged areas, and also among the first to appoint black service station owners and managers. It’s the same reason we’re the first multi-national company to achieve Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor status.


Using our global network and expertise we can leverage these BEE company offerings, and deliver true change for good. Helping small entrepreneurs grow into medium-sized businesses is how we’ll see real transformation.

Our transformational journey focuses not only on new enterprises but it is also about development of existing suppliers. We have paid particular attention to areas that we believe we can have most impact and these include:

Retail – Service Station Network Enterprise Development

The network enterprise development programme is underpinned by a robust business model, and partners with experts to support the success of our appointed entrepreneurs.  For up to the duration of 3-years, our entrepreneurs receive support and training in technical, logistical and administrative areas to make them fully independent and self-sufficient throughout the business value chain.   Click here to see more.

Independent Service Providers

This initiative develops an entrepreneur to have a robust and integrated approach in the management of a depot facility for our commercial or mining customers. The storage market whilst constrained also poses the biggest opportunities especially with the introduction of strategic stocks. Through transformation we are preparing entrepreneurs to position themselves for these opportunities, one at a time.

Road Transport:

Developing small transport entrepreneurs to grow into a medium sized business is one of Total’s crucial Supplier development initiatives. Bulk fuel transport is very competitive with high barriers to entry for small enterprises. This initiative is geared towards rapidly growing a small operator of delivery trucks to a medium sized fleet.

Total South Africa is constantly on the lookout for ways to fuel enterprise and empower the communities in which we operate. These communities offer true entrepreneurial spirit – go-getters with the courage to pursue their business success. Total is excited to help unleash this energy through Siyakhula by TOTAL

To find out how you can join us on this journey of transformation, send your enquiry or application to:

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