Key Features

  • Card details: Have your company details printed on the face of the card i.e. Company name, card holder’s name, products and vehicle registration number.
  • Cashless: No need of carrying huge sums of money for your fuel, lubricants, services etc at any Total station, but only a Total Card.
  • Card Restrictions/Controls: The control before re-fuelling lies in the personalised restrictions set on product type, geographic zones, value limits as well as day and time restrictions.
  • PIN Code for the Client: The card provides a four digit confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN code) issued for all cards. For lost/stolen card, it is not possible for somebody to use the card due to the secret PIN code. If the PIN code is wrongly entered three times, the card will automatically be blocked and unblocking of the card is only done by Total Head Office after verification.
  • Driver code option: Each driver can be assigned an individual code separate from the PIN code. This additional feature enables you to have one card shared among different drivers, and monitor the card usage on the basis of each assigned driver's code.
  • Tank capacity lock: Allows you to pre-set tank size per vehicle to prevent fuelling above the set tank size.
  • Mileage check: Allows you to monitor the fuel consumption per vehicle and is activated when requesting for the cards. The mileage check enables you to monitor the consumption rate for each card and address any anomalies in the event the odometer reading is inaccurately entered.