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Watch the Total-Zapper video aired on Expresso.


Total South Africa is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Zapper Retail – the leading Mobile Payment and Digital Marketing App. Zappers roots were primarily in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and is now rapidly expanding into Retail, Fuel and Forecourt, e-commerce, Bills, Parking and several new verticals across the globe.


Zapper is available across all three major Smartphone operating systems, Android, Apple and Windows, and integrates with any modern Point of Sale solution, using existing hardware.


Zapper provides convenient features within the App, such as the ability to access vouchers, incorporate gratuities into the payment if desired, find, rate and review merchants and link this to customer satisfaction ratings and loyalty programs.


Completely safe and secure, Zapper ensures the physical credit card is abstracted from the point of payment, users feel safe that their card will not be copied, cloned, switched or stolen. This benefits the merchant too, as they cannot be blamed for card details being stolen.


Download your Zapper app today and enjoy a very convenient, fast and efficient means of payment, and which allows users to keep track of payments via the Payment History screen.


Here’s how to download Zapper in 3 SIMPLE steps:


Search for Zapper in your App Store

Download Zapper – it’s FREE

Open Zapper

Select Register

Create you profile in ‘My Account’ (name, surname, email and cell number, and date of birth)

Securely add your card/s and create your secret password


Click on the link (https://www.zapper.com/store.php)  to download your Zapper.


QR Code, Scan, Zapper


Zapper is currently being deployed in all Total convenience stores nationally with full implementation planned by June 2016.  Simply check in-store to see if the Zapper solution is available at your local Total then simply Snap, Scan and Go when paying for fuel and convenience store products.


Click here for frequently asked questions.


To see how to use Zapper watch the video below.







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