Transmission TM 80W-90

agriculture, lubricants


Extreme pressure mineral transmission fluid for highly loaded gears (axles, final drives, transfer cases, gearboxes) when an API GL-5 level of performance is required. Epecially recommended for highly loaded hypoid gears, with standard drain interval. Suitable for applications requesting a MIL-L-2105D level of performance.


Norms and Homologations:

International classifications


Manufacturers specifications

Man 342 type M-1

MIL-L 2105 D

ZF TE-ML 12E – ZF TE-ML 17B – ZF TE-ML 19B


Product Description:

High extreme-pressure properties for an optimal protection of heavily loaded gears against scuffing. Excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and ant-irust protection.  Resistant against thermal ageing and excellent shear stability. Formulated with pour point depressant additives allowing good low temperature fluidity when starting in winter.


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