EP 80W-90

EP 80W-90



Transmission fluid designed for synchronized and non-synchronized gearboxes, mild loaded axles, transfer boxes and all gears requiring MIL-L-2105 or API GL-4 level. Approved by ZF for the lubrication of their gearboxes (without Intarder) with standard drain interval.


Norms and Homologations:

International classifications


Manufacturers specifications

Man 341 Type E-1 – Man 341 Type Z-2

ZF TE-ML 16A – ZF TE-ML 17A – ZF TE-ML 19ª


Product Description:

High viscosity index, allowing enough fluidity at low temperature to keep the functionality of the gearbox in cold start conditions, while maintaining enough oil film thickness for optimal bearing protection. High Extreme-Pressure and antiwear properties for an enhanced durability of gears and synchromeshes. Good anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties.



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