Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W-30

Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W-30

The new generation of Low SAPS engine oil specially formulated to meet the technical requirements of Volkswagen group vehicles. Its very high-tech performance optimizes the way in which anti-pollution systems - such as Particulate Filters - operate. Motor oil suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines, including the most recent, which comply with Euro V polluting emissions reduction norms in particular. This engine oil optimizes anti-pollution systems, Particulate Filters (PF) in particular. Dedicated for the most severe conditions of use (sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving).


Norms & Homologations:

International Classifications:


Manufacturers’ specifications:


MB-Approval 229.51

Backward compatible: MB-Approval 229.31

Porsche C30

VW 504.00 - VW 507.00


Product Description:

Ensures optimal functioning of three-way catalytic converters and particulate filters, which lower emissions of NOx, CO2, CO and particles and ensure compliance with performance levels announced by manufacturers and Euro V environmental standards. Extends the service life of post-treatment systems by preventing DPFs and three-way catalytic converters from clogging and filling. Excellent resistance to temperature variations guarantees the longevity of engine parts and optimal performance level under all circumstances. Satisfies the most demanding manufacturer service plans by permitting extra-long oil change intervals.



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