Fluide XLD FE

Fluide XLD FE


New generation automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology allowing extra long drain and very high performance needed for the demanding requirements of modern heavy duty automatic gearboxes. Particularly recommended for use on heavy duty automatic transmissions (found on buses, refuse trucks, utility vehicles etc.) manufactured by Voith, Allison and ZF requiring maximal drain intervals.


Norms & Homologations:

International Classifications:

WSS-M2C 950-A

Manufacturers’ specifications:

Allison C4 – Allison TES 295 – Allison TES 389

Meets the requirement of: GM Dexron ® III-H

MAN 339 type V-2 – MAN 339 type Z-2 – MAN 339 type L-1 – MAN 339 type Z-3

MB Approval 236.6 – MB Approval 236.91

Meets the requirement of: MERCON ® V

VOITH H55.6336.xx

Volvo 97341

ZF TE-ML 04D – ZF TE-ML 09A – ZF TE-ML 14B – ZF TE-ML 16L – ZF TE-ML 17C

Meets the requirements of: ZF TE-ML 02F – ZF TE-ML 11B – ZF TE-ML 14C

Additional Performance:

OEMs Levels summarize : Allison TES 295/ TES 389 ZF 14C, 02F, 11B MAN 339 Z-3 Dexron® III-H , Mercon® / Mercon® V Esso LT 71141 or LA2634 VW TL 52162 JASO 1A Nissan AT-Matic D, J, K Mazda M-III, M-V Honda Z-1 Toyota T-IV (JWS 3309) Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi SP-III


Product Description:

Can be used in Asian step-automatic transmissions requiring strong anti-shudder durability, including following OEMS : Nissan (Matic D,J,K), Mazda (M-III, M-V), Honda (Z- 1), Toyota (T-IV, JWS3309), Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi (SP-II / SP-III). For the lubrication of materials used in Public Works or Quarries. Also suitable for all applications requiring the following levels of performance Allison TES 295 and ZF 14 C.




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