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The winner of the SANParks Photographic Competition brought to you by Total was Robert Hofmeyr, for his beautiful image, taken at Storms River Mouth at sunset.

‘This is such an incredible prize, and I’m planning to put it to very good use,’ Robert said when he found out what he had won.

‘The Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is my dream car, and the vehicle I would purchase if I had the cash. I do quite a few overland trips, and the cost of a quality 4x4 rental is often prohibitive, so I end up either making do in a sedan, borrowing a vehicle, or renting really dodgy 4x4s and sometimes getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. See below picture of me trying to film out of the wrong side of the wrong car!’

Looking the other way

Here is the winning photo:

Sanparks Photo1

We chat to Robert about his photo and what he feels made his stand out from the rest.

When and where did you take the photo?

‘I took the photo in July this year. My family and I were driving down the garden route and we stopped off for a night at Storms River Mouth. After a walk to the suspension bridge, we went back to our chalet to prepare dinner. The sunset was spectacular, so I grabbed my wife's iPhone and walked down to the rocks to take some photos. At first, I was trying to photograph the dolphins swimming in the waves, but I couldn't get close enough, so I focused on the reflection of the sky in the rock pools.’

Were you confident going into the competition?

‘I was not terribly confident – I've entered a couple of photo contests in the past and I have never won anything. But the prize this year was so fantastic, I had to give it a shot. When I received an email notifying me that I had won first prize I could not believe it. A Toyota Land Cruiser 76 – it took a few days for the realisation to sink in that I would soon be driving my dream car.’

What made your picture stand out from the rest?

It's hard for me to say. It was a spectacular evening in a very beautiful place. Perhaps I managed to capture some of the mood of the moment. I like the way the water mirrors the sky and the detail of the person on the rock in the background.

The overall list of winners:

1st Prize: Robert Hofmeyr – Compact/Mobile Landscapes

2nd Prize: Kim Marriott – Compact/Mobile Landscapes

Sanparks 2nd Prize

3rd Prize: Micky Wiswedel – DSLR Fauna & Flora

Sanparks 3rd Prize


Category Winners:

Andre Victor – Compact/Mobile Fauna & Flora

Robert Hofmeyr – Compact/Mobile Landscapes

Lauren Tee – Compact/Mobile Lifestyle

Terry de Ridder – Compact/Mobile Photo Stories

Micky Wiswedel – DSLR Fauna & Flora

Stephan van Wyk – DSLR Landscapes

Micky Wiswedel – DSLR Lifestyle

Elize Labuschagne  – DSLR Photo Stories



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