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One Total

One Total is the name of the company project, launched in 2015 by the Executive Committee, to translate our corporate position "Committed to Better Energy" into a 20-year ambition: Becoming the responsible energy major.  In this way, this company project is not only giving meaning to everyone's work, but also strengthening the Group's cohesion and helping us work better together.

Energy is fundamental to human life.  People need it for everything – to feed and warm themselves, to light their homes, to get from one place to another. Energy is at the very heart of human activity. 

Supplying energy therefore addresses basic human needs, but it also helps to bring people closer together. Energy is a source of progress and progress needs energy. Every time that energy has been properly managed – that is, supplied safely and affordably – it has gone hand-in-hand with considerable social change. In learning how to use various forms of energy, people have not only improved their well-being, but also developed new activities, which in turn needed energy.

Supplying energy therefore means contributing to the economic, social and human development of people around the planet.  Energy is in perpetual motion. 

For a long time, people used wood, then coal, before discovering oil, natural gas, nuclear power and, today, renewable energies. Energy has evolved, is evolving and will evolve even more thanks to human genius and the ability of people to innovate and invent new technologies. Supplying energy means innovating and inventing to help drive this movement, because even though these transitions are slow, they are inevitable and we have to be ready for them.

Energy is Total's history.  It was our past, it is our present and it will be our future. Total is a world-class energy company, and will remain so in the future.


Meeting the energy needs of a growing world population

Today, there are seven billion people on Earth, of whom 1.3 billion do not have access to energy. In Africa, more than 500 million people do not have access to energy, out of a total population of 1.2 billion. In 2040, there will be nine billion people on the planet; two billion of whom will be in Africa. The world population is going to continue growing and developing. 

This demographic growth will require energy that is not only available but also affordable, so that it can contribute to our planet's economic and social development. Energy is at the heart of Earth's future and the challenge of climate change. It is intimately connected to the environment.

Customer expectations are changing, along with their relationship with energy

A number of emerging trends – like digitalisation, the fact that a product’s utility is becoming more valuable than the product itself and the rise of "prosumers", consumers who are also producers – are transforming customer expectations and their relationship with energy.

We have to listen to them and proactively respond. This means that customer relationships have to be constantly reinvented, by introducing new forms of energy distribution or innovative services. Helping to address these challenges of development, climate and closeness to customers is Total's commitment, in order to be a world-class energy company in the future.


Our corporate DNA contains competitive strengths and sources of differentiation that we're going to leverage to respond to these challenges and fulfill our ambition.  Over its long history, Total has built itself through a pioneering spirit and a commitment to a mutually supportive approach.

This is how we have become – even though we have virtually no domestic resources – THE non-British or American oil major, capable of working everywhere around the world by building partnerships and listening to others. 

In this way, Total has developed strong geographic positions that differentiate it from the other majors:

  • The leading major in Africa (upstream and marketing)
  • Deep roots and a unique presence in the Middle East
  • The largest industrial base among the majors in Europe (North Sea, refining and petrochemicals)

Total is recognised for its technical skills and ability to manage mega-projects. In particular, we are recognised for our specific capabilities in the deep offshore and in LNG, on both the technical and the business sides. Total has successfully shifted its energy mix towards renewables and is the leading major in solar power.

It's primarily by leveraging our strengths and cultivating our differences that we will fulfill our ambition of being a world-class player in the energy industry of tomorrow:

  •  Producing, processing and distributing energy at an affordable cost while meeting the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship.
  • Supplying a responsible energy mix of steadily decreasing carbon intensity, meeting the requirements of the 2°C scenario.
  • Providing customers with solutions that enable them to use energy responsibly.
  • Being recognised for the quality of close-to-the-customer service.

Total's ambition is to become the responsible energy major. That's what it means to be “Committed to Better Energy”.



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