Near Miss Winner - February 2018

Near Miss Winner Feb 2018

Total has launched an initiative to recognise and reward staff members who firmly stand as HSEQ ambassadors and who refuse to turn a blind eye on issues which have the potential to cause harm to people and the business. The worthy winner of the February 2018 Near Miss initiative is Sunil Manga.

At Total House, Sunil noticed that when it rains, water runs off the roof and falls onto the tiles above the steps leading to the entrance, which made the path dangerous for walking and a “slipping hazard”.

It it vital that this is attended to promptly, and a “wet floor” sign needs to be placed at the scene immediately as an interim measure. If someone slips on the tiles it could lead to serious consequences.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Sunil.

You too can make a difference. Log a near miss today using your stop card and make your mark. Safety is our responsibility. Remember: safety for me, for you, for all.




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