Total's Own Motorcycle Champion

Total's Own Motorcycle Champion

Motorcycle Champion

In 2017, Johannesburg-based Network Specialist Beven Naidu was ranked fourth in South Africa in the National SB Class Championship. Last month he achieved first place in round 1 and 2 of the National Motorcycle Championship held at Aldo Scribante Race Track in Port Elizabeth.

Beven has been racing professionally since October 2015 and has rapidly risen in the ranks thanks to a lot of hard work and unwavering dedication. Overall, Beven is placed fourth in South Africa in the SB Class and we are extremely proud of his achievement. @Total chatted to Beven about his love of motorbikes and what it takes to make a champion.

@Total: What made you first get involved in motocycle drag racing?

Beven: I have always had an interest in bike and car racing, but I only started participating in 2017. It started off as a hobby, which then turned into a competitive sport.

@Total: Have you always had a passion for motorbikes?

Beven: Yes, from a young age. My Dad used to participate in motorsport events in his younger days, when I was a kid, and I was always involved. So naturally I followed suit.

@Total: How much time do you dedicate to being on your bike in a week?

Beven: Now that my bike has been converted to a full spec drag bike, I have eliminated road riding. Most of the time spent on the bike is the week before the race where we tune and test. I participate in many local and regional events monthly throughout South Africa.

@Total: What do you love most about the sport?

Beven: The competitiveness and the adrenalin rush, along with the teamwork that makes every race a success.

@Total: How big is it in South Africa?

Beven: Drag racing in general is very big throughout SA and is continuously growing with more and more sponsors coming on board. The events attract large crowds and all forms of media.




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