B2B Conference 2018

B2B Conference 2018: Customer Centricity and Accountability

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On 8–9 March 2018, all B2B staff gathered at Gold Reef City to meet and discuss building and maintaining customer relationships.

The two-day conference reinforced the idea that in order to be customer-centric, you need to take accountability, and when you do that you can increase volumes, manage cost and credit management.

“The conference was about the B2B team meeting for the first time since its inception in April,” said Qetello Zeka, B2B General Manager. “The overall theme of the conference was customer-centricity and how we can continue to improve on the 2017 results, in which the department did exceptionally well, delivering volumes above budget.“

The conference aimed to motivate, encourage and reinforce staff to continuously put customers at the forefront of their daily tasks. Each department was given the opportunity to participate with their own presentation to be executed in a fun, interactive way.

“The B2B team continues to be a great part of delivering excellent result for Total SA. They must be proud of themselves, as they are doing very well, and I am sure that they will deliver more great results in 2018,” said CEO and MD Pierre-Yves Sachet. “This is contributing to our brand vision of becoming a brand of reference as we continue to meet customers’ needs.”


B2B is broken down into the following sections:

  1. General Trade: Agriculture, Transport and Construction
  2. Mining
  3. Resellers
  4. Technical
  5. HSEQ




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