HSE Programme

Total's Commitment to Safety

HSE Programme

The HSE programme recognition award is presented on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to staff members who have made the safety of their colleagues their highest priority. Each month, incidents are submitted to us and we are able to acknowledge times when a difference has been made to the safety of our colleagues.


Below are the winners for the period July to September 2018 and their submissions to the HSE programme:


July 2018 – Junaid Amla

Junaid Amla

Contractor personnel erected scaffolding at the tank farm area, and a contractor employee used hand tools, without his lanyard (to secure his tools), at great heights, which means the tools could have fallen and injured someone on a lower level. Junaid noted the situation and alerted the contractor.


August 2018 – Arnold Chirwa


Arnold Chirwa

As many as eight Metrofile boxes were precariously placed on top of one another, and chairs were placed in the passageway. Arnold noted this and raised the situation with his supervisor. The boxes were removed and repacked.


September 2018 – Jan Venter

Jan Venter

Safety harnesses were attached incorrectly: the harnesses fit very loosely, leading to the possibility of a fall and serious injuries or death. Jan made a point to raise this and ensure that things were done properly.


And the overall winner for Quarter 3 is...


Junaid Amla!


Thank you for your contribution and efforts to minimise the risk within the organisation and for keeping yourself, your colleagues, the people and the environment around you safe. 


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