2018 Inno Days

2018 Inno Days South Africa event

2018 Inno Days


The theme for the 2018 INNO.DAYS South Africa event was Artificial, Emotional and Collective Intelligence. 


Total South Africa partnered with the Accenture Liquid Studio to execute the theme. Innovation and Digital Specialist, Tyronne Lello, says the intention was to showcase products that will cause business disruption.


Here are five key takeaways from the day:


1.  We are in an unprecedented period of applied intelligence innovation

Applied artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer an advantage; it’s a necessity. This year has seen most organisations transition to applied AI as a strategic part of the digital transformation roadmap.


2.  No, artificial intelligence won’t steal your job – it will make it more creative and productive

While technology advances at an unprecedented rate, our era is not the first to undergo significant technological change. Technology is here to enhance our standard of living.


3.  Big Data support

AI will definitely have a positive effect on Big Data analysis. It will also be irreplaceable in mining less-structured data, working with public clouds and offering automated machine learning for complex tasks.


4. The way we interact with machines will continue to shift towards voice

From Siri to self-driving cars, AI is progressing rapidly. Imagine giving voice instructions to a machine and having them delivered swiftly – now we’re talking!


5. Achieving epic breakthroughs

AI and machine learning will enable people to overcome blind spots, working through areas that seemed impossible or where the dots didn’t quite connect.



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